Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Quran reading pen reaches City

Ever thought about a pen which can read and recite Verses from the Holy Quran. Now this has become a reality. Thanks to a sophisticated pen manufactured in Hong Kong which is available right in the Hyderabad City and other Indian cities.

 Just point the pen laced with powerful sensors towards a page of specially coded copy of Holy Quran and it will read the whole verse or page with a click of few buttons.

 The pen is equipped with a unique technology that scans and pronounces verses from the Holy Book.
 “With the advanced electronic technology, the device has a sensor on top of the reading pen that can read the Holy Quran through invisible codes. One has to simply touch the reading pen on any desired page of the Holy Quran to hear the prominent Quran reciter reading by chapter, section, page or verse,” said authorised person from eBusiness Indya of Hyderabad, the sole franchise of the device in India.

 “Powered with user friendly interface, the device which is available in various models costing even fits in a pocket. The pen improves reading skills for all learners. It maintains flow of reading and is helpful in pronouncing difficult words. The pen is preloaded with voices of world’s six prominent reciters. The devise has received tremendous response in India and my clients include students, businessmen, womens and many people have placed advanced orders,” he said.

eBusiness Indya people said  Hyderabad is the product’s franchise for India. “the Quran read pen is scanned by the latest optical technology and intelligent analysis and actual person voice, in addition to basically of read pen, it has MP3, Quran translation function, playback and so on. Narrowed to learning and reading the Quran the Muslim's difficulties more effectively help learners to learn quickly,” they added.

You may contact them on +91-40-32962671 or +91-9391162671 or email : website:

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